Rimptec ERP Implementation

Providing Flexibility and Stability at lower TCO

Rimptec ERP implementation (based on Apache OFBiz) offers a great deal of functionality, including:

  • advanced e-commerce
  • catalog management
  • promotion & pricing management
  • order management (sales & purchase)
  • customer management (part of general party management)
  • warehouse management
  • fulfillment (auto stock moves, batched pick, pack & ship)
  • accounting (invoice, payment & billing accounts, fixed assets))
  • manufacturing management
  • general work effort management (events, tasks, projects, requests, etc)
  • content management (for product content, web sites, general content, blogging, forums, etc)
  • a maturing Point Of Sales (POS) module using XUI as rich client interface
  • and much more .........

We at Rimptec Inc. leverage open standards for our solutions and keep our customers happy by not limiting the use of software based on number of users or licenses. Open standards ensure greater compatibility and easy integration with other systems.

Rimptec EMS and ERP is reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solution based on foundations of Apache OFBiz. It can be customized to suit even your most challenging business needs. You can get started right away and then grow your operations as your business grows, without the huge deployment and maintenance costs of traditional enterprise automation systems.

Being based on open source we offers both flexibility by design and a solution where you're not alone but rather can work with many others to get things done.

Rimptec EMS

Engineering Management System

Rimptec EMS is a collection of Engineering applications needed for almost any Product Development Engineering company. EMS comprises of Engineering Change Management, Engineering Prototype Build Tracking, Part Numbers management, Product Data Management, Program and Projects Management and Integration of EMS with other ERP and HR systems in the organization.

All the engineering companies manage Engineering changes through established processes which may sound similar but, in fact, are very unique to each organization. Rimptec EMS takes care of this uniqueness by implementing custom work-flows for each organization. Rimptec uses BPMN2 specifications for work-flow definitions thus making it standard compliant and usable for any BPMN2 compliant Work-flow Engine.

Although, Rimptec EMS has its own PDM module but we also provide integration services for SmarTeam, Team Center, ARAS and other PDM/PLM systems. For more information about EMS or other services email us or ask for a demo account to review what we can offer.

Clash Analysis

We provide services to OEMs for setting up vehicle clash analysis systems during development phase of vehicles. We also run these services for OEMs who don't want to invest in capital intensive resources and want to leverage out-sourcing in order to reduce time-to-market. For more information about our Clash Analysis System or other related services email us or ask for a demo account to review what we can offer.

We can do anything .....

We develop enterprise web applications and solutions for all kinds of engineering applications using cutting edge web technology . Quality, reliability, scalability, robustness and security are guaranteed attributes of our solutions. Engineering documents and change control management is our field of speciality along with providing solutions for multi-platform enterprises.

Our software solutions streamline Engineering Change Process thus improving productivity and eliminating any bottlenecks. J2EE and Linux based solutions make our platform robust and reliable. Our software can be integrated with any of RDBMS ...be it oracle or db2 ......... PostgreSQL or mysql ..or any other DBMS.

 Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a widely used parameter to measure the effective cost of a software or hardware/software combination within an organization. It tries to capture all the real costs of deploying an information technology system, at all stages. However, it does not try to measure the advantages gained by using a given information technology, for which usually another parameter, the return on investment (ROI) is used. Look into Products section for range of products we have to offer for your enterprise needs. No matter how complex, big or complicated your process is, we have a solution which not only exceeds your needs but also fits right in your budget. We will provide you a solution with minimum TCO and maximum ROI.

We follow Standards .....

We use open standards to build solutions thus keeping the solution free from any lock-ins. Most of the solutions are open-source which makes code audit possible. At the same time it allows full freedom for our customers to get competitive services. Java is our preferred platform for all the solutions making our solutions free to run on any platform. Moreover, we don't tax our customers with annual licenses or licenses based on number of users.
If you want to discuss about your business process or need  a solution, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in your business process design.